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All our rooms in Palazzo Murrano are brightly lit ,spacious with tasteful interiors . Each room provides every comfort necessary for our guests including sea­view balconies or terraces facing the beautiful Gulf of Naples.

A tranquil oasis overlooking the Gulf as if between heaven and earth. A timeless atmosphere illuminates every detail and welcomes guests to unwind in utmost comfort.

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≤ 45 Mq

A spacious room with a chic, modern feeling, creating an unforgettable stay for our guests. The suite has been furnished to provide utmost comfort with a breathtaking panorama.

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≤ 45 Mq

A romantic stay for couples who wish to enjoy the privacy during their stay. An opportunity to relax in the comfort of your surroundings as the sea breeze gently embraces you.

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≤ 25 Mq

The unspoilt panorama reaches down to the port onto the sea, stretching across the Gulf of Naples. Whilst a natural daylight enhances the rooms modern decor, our guests will be enchanted by the beautiful sea views from the window.

With the waves breaking on the shoreline. The scent from sea fills the rooms with Mediterranean fragrances, so creating a relaxing stay.